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ASDTi's is a UK-based psychometric test publisher (Read more about us here) ASDTi also publishes the extremely well-regarded personality UK Personality Questionnaire  (UKPQ)

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UKPQ 360°

UKPQ and UKPQ 360° are fantastic tools for SLT selection and development, using the power of a valid and reliable psychometric questionnaire, optionally combined with full 360-degree feedback.

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UKGMAT is the UK's brightest graduate- and managerial- level employment aptitude questionnaire, with superb validity, excellent reliability, and a real track record for Senior Leadership Recruitment in the Education, Healthcare, Retail, Financial, Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.

UKGMAT has been used to guide Governors and Heads in the selection of Heads & Principals, Deputy and Assistant Heads, Departmental Heads and Business Managers in hundreds of 11-19 Schools, Primaries, Sixth Form Colleges, GFE Colleges and Academies. ASDTi works with the UK's largest providers of Academies, having assisted in the selection of Head Teachers and Principals across London, as well as in most counties of the UK. In the independent sector, ASDTi has been involved in the selection of Heads & SLT members for many prestigious schools including Surbiton High School, Sunderland High School, William Hulme's Grammar School, and many more. In Healthcare, we have worked with over 30 Acute Hospitals, in Mental Health, in the NHS and the Private Sector. To complete a UKGMAT, Click Here.

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Sixth Form College Testing:

Longley Park Sixth Form College in Sheffield have used UKGMAT (with UKPQ) as part of their Deputy Principal Selection Procedure, whilst meanwhile, elsewhere in the sector, UKGMAT has just been used to help select new Principals at Shoreham, Weston Favell and Paddington Academies

Success in the Academy Sector:

Many Academies have used UKGMAT in the selection of their Heads and Principals, including many of the leading Academy sponsor networks. Principals and Senior Leaders from  more than 500 academies across the country have been selected using the instrument, which has unparalleled UK Education Sector Norms.

Selecting Leaders for Free Schools:

The Governors of Durham Free School chose UKGMAT to help select their new Headteacher. Free schools are now being created across the UK and UKGMAT is playing its part on the selection of this new generation of school leaders

Independent Schools:

Many Independent schools continue to use UGMAT for selection: Surbiton High School, Hull Collegiate School, William Hulme’s Grammar School, Lincoln Minster School, Sunderland High School, Arnold School, Merchant Taylors’ Schools - all Independent, HMC members and all using UKGMAT in senior recruitment and development.

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